Ben Bruce is a singer and songwriter in Seattle, WA, playing what he terms “honest songs, honesty sung” on an old, beat down acoustic guitar. His music is alternately raucous, restrained and rare, but always raw.

“His tender, nicely composed songs recalled John Denver and particularly Assembly of Dust’s Reid Genauer, who Bruce strongly resembled in both voice and all-out-there-on-the-stage delivery. Telling stories about faces in the fire with blinding insight and singing simple songs full of tender vibrations, Bruce showed himself a tunesmith to keep an eye on” — Jambase.com

Ben Bruce is a singer and songwriter in Seattle, WA. Ben has lived in Connecticut, Baltimore, Boulder, Austin and New York, and has traveled extensively throughout the United States. In New York City he was a frequent player at such clubs as CBGBs [RIP], Arlene’s Grocery and the Continental Club. He has played at many great clubs in and around Seattle including the Tractor Tavern and the Royal Room, and has been honored to perform at the Bite of Seattle (2010 and 2011, when he was a Featured Performer) and the Summer Meltdown (2009, 2010 and 2011).

His music is rooted in the sound of classic seventies rock and roll, with a special focus on lean poetry and deceptively simple songwriting. The child of a musical conductor and a soprano soloist (and brother of a trained opera singer), Bruce has always been the rebel rock and roller in a family of musical traditionalists. The result is a healthy respect for all genres of music, and “Ben Bruce” reflects a broad spectrum of styles while retaining a clear feel and direction.


Work on the next album is underway; here are some early demos: https://benbruce.bandcamp.com/album/2018-demos. Help me decide which songs to put on my next album by listening, and downloading the tracks you like. The download count will help me derive my final list of songs to record. - Ben

“ben bruce”

His latest album, cleverly titled “Ben Bruce,” was released on Feb. 27, 2014. A collaboration between Bruce and legendary guitarist and producer RL Heyer, there is a gritty hopefulness buried in these tunes that the world needs today – a message that without darkness there is no light.


His first album, “Sylvanus” was released in 2004. Ben’s music often reflects the belief that we are responsible for our own destinies – but also that we belong to the future and not the past. Thus it is a hopeful message – no matter how dark or depressing, there is always the opportunity to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become a better man.