honest songs, honestly sung
singer and songwriter ben bruce


All of these songs have been vetted in front of a live audience (see the list of clubs I’ve played at below). Covers are noted in parenthesis, with the original songwriter/​the performer or group that introduced me to the song.

Cover songs

Here is a sampling of covers that I have played live at such clubs as CBGB’s [RIP], the Continental Club, Acme Underground, Arlene’s Grocery, the Tractor Tavern, Marcus’ Martini Heaven, the Old Schoolhouse Brewery and more:

  • Hey Jude
  • Since I’ve Been Loving You
  • Mr. Bojangles
  • Country Roads (Danoffs/​Denver)
  • Hunger Strike (Chris Cornell)
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Bret Michaels)
  • Melissa (Allman Brothers)
  • Seven Bridges Road (Eagles)
  • Creep (Radiohead)
  • Terrapin Station (Grateful Dead)
  • Time in a Bottle (Jim Croce)
  • Trouble (Cat Stevens)
  • Wanted Dead or Alive (Bön Jovi)
  • Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)
  • Five to One (The Doors)
  • People Are Strange (The Doors)
  • Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Warren Zevon)
  • Bananas and Blow (Ween)
  • Three Little Birds (Marley)
  • Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • Fearless (Pink Floyd)
  • Pigs on the Wing (Pink Floyd)
  • Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
  • Style (Waxen Wane)
  • And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison)
  • House of the Rising Sun (traditional)
  • For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
  • Don’t Follow (Alice in Chains)
  • One Armed Steve (Widespread Panic)
  • Driving Song (Widespread Panic)
  • Blue Indian (Widespread Panic) — Listen
  • All Time Low (Widespread Panic)
  • Bird In a House (Railroad Earth)

Clubs I’ve Played At