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Jan 6th, 2009

Lately I’ve been getting really, really annoyed by hand-​dryers in bathrooms. You know what I mean? The kind of annoyed where now I’m conscious of it so I notice it in every bathroom I go into.

It’s like this: in days gone by, for some reason they thought it was a great idea to “progress” so they installed all these machines that can “see” your hands when you place them under the towel dispenser. This was supposed to save the trees (a great cause that I totally support).

The problem is, the “eyes” of the towel dispenser never quite work, do they? So I spend a lot of time waving my hands around like a fool, trying to get the damn thing to give me a towel.

And even when it does work, there’s a lag between when I want the towel, which is immediately, and when I can grab the towel, which is when the thing finally dispenses it to me.

Why not have the machine dispense a towel as soon as one has been ripped off? Then it would hang there waiting for people like me, it would still be dictating how big a towel should be (to save the trees), and — best of all — wouldn’t make me feel like some sort of post-​modern anachronism.


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