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Jul 10th, 2009
Hey everybody!

Ii’m gearing up for another show at the mighty El Diablo Coffeeshop. Don’t forget they have a great wine, beer, tea and snack selection, too. And did I mention I’ve been confirmed for a set at the ninth annual Summer Meltdown, Aug. 1416. Check it out:


We went camping a week ago and it wasn’t until after we had arrived and set up camp that we realized it was mosquito season. It was quite an eye opener — when people say, “mosquito season,” they mean, “for the love of god don’t leave the protection of your tent without 100% DEET repellent.” Crazy!

We had a great time, though. I had one spooky experience — I was sitting by the fire, alone, in the dark, and I was just settling in with a beer and staring into the flames, when I saw a little face on one of the glowing logs. This is a true story. I wrote the rest of it here (you can let me know what you think it all means at this same address):


Hope you’re doing well,

– Ben


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