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Jun 29th, 2009
Hey everybody!

I had a great time at Marcus’ Martini Bar last Thursday. I read
that you should introduce yourself to people before your set and
so I worked up my courage to actually “talk to people” — it was
really great. Good to meet you Adam and Ann and Sam. Amber won
the drawing for the free CD.

One funny thing about the night was that I had to set up the PA
myself. I did my best. Andy (at the bar) kept saying, “Turn it
down” but I had my ear plugs in and for some reason his hand
motion made me think he was saying “Turn it up.” So I kept
turning it up, and he kept making the sign to me, until finally
it was on full blast and there was no where else to go. Ha! I
think we got it adjusted OK after that.

Hope you’re doing well,

– Ben


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