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Oct 17th, 2009
Vote Yes On Referendum 71

Hey everybody!

My wife and I took to San Juan Island for our fifth anniversary.

If you’ve never been to San Juan Island, it’s a real getaway — one mile square, with a tourist economy that supports a nice town (Friday Harbor) and another fancy settlement (Roche Harbor), great restaurants (Duck Soup Inn) and some great history (Lime Kiln State Park).

You’ve never seen an oven so big as the lime kiln in the middle of the woods there.

Warning: Politics!

You may have heard of anti-​gay legislation Referendum 71, so you think — at first glance — that you want to vote “No.” If you approve of domestic rights for all, you have to VOTE YES. It’s tricky. It’s purposefully written to confuse you, which makes it slimy.



Enough political opining from me.

But if politics, global diplomacy, joblessness, Great Recession, and all the rest have you down, come by Marcus’ Martini Heaven this Thursday night at 9pm-​11pm. Details are below.

I can’t promise you catharsis, but I can promise you I will leave everything on the stage. I haven’t played live in a while — and I was told yesterday, “If you haven’t hurt yourself on stage, you haven’t rocked” — so it could be very interesting.

I think that’s it for this issue. I hope this autumn is amazing for you. I’m loving it**.

– Ben

* The official term is “tweeted” but I don’t like saying that word, so I’m using my own, more logical, better word for “posted something on Twitter.”

** Don’t complain about the rain. We just had 8 straight months of sun and perfect weather.

Send me e-​mail at bruceletter@​benbruce.​com.

Tender, nicely composed songs recalled John Denver and particularly Assembly of Dust’s Reid Genauer, who Bruce strongly resembled in both voice and all-​out-​there-​on-​the-​stage delivery. Telling stories about faces in the fire with blinding insight and singing simple songs full of tender vibrations, Bruce showed himself a tunesmith to keep an eye on.” — Dennis Cook, Jam​base​.com


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