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Aug 10th, 2009
Hey everybody!

After a great night at Marcus’ Martini Heaven, we left for a weekend of Phish at the Gorge, and now I’m preparing my set at Summer Meltdown (Friday @ 1pm) …

Summer Meltdown! Whoo hoo! It’s finally here! I’m really excited this year to be performing the opening set of the festival! I’m ready! As Lipps (Anvil) says, “we’ve been doing this our whole lives. We’ve been rocking our asses off for 30 years.”

I have $75 weekend passes to sell. That’s half the door price. There are also day-​passes available on the Web site (if you want the weekend pass contact me directly).

Hope you’re enjoying the summer,

– Ben

Summer Meltdown:

More from the Anvil Interview:


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