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Feb 16th, 2010

Volume 8 /​Issue 3

A very big thanks to everyone who came out last week! We had a “best ever” Lone Microphone, with Whitney Monge and Beau Borrero making really great, intimate music for us, and Noah “Knocks Doors Down” Walden ascends the Lone Microphone Throne! Up next is March 9 at Marcus’ Martini Heaven, with Ian Jones, Dominique Vijarro and one more to be confirmed.

A friend wrote a review of my show on Thursday, with special guest Jenni Brown (http://​www​.natasha​reed​blog​.com/​2010​/​02​/​13​/​b​e​n​-​b​r​u​c​e​-​a​t​-​m​a​r​c​u​s​-​m​a​r​t​i​n​i​-​h​e​aven/). He and Natasha​Reed​Pho​tog​ra​phy​.com also took some amazing pictures (http://​www​.ben​bruce​.com/​p​h​o​t​o​s​/​f​eb-112010-​marcus-​martini-​heaven/​).

The first two videos from last Thursday are live — “Seven Bridges Road” and “Country Roads” with Jenni Brown (http://​www​.ben​bruce​.com/​v​ideo/). Thanks again to Jenni for singing with me.

One more thing, possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. I believe I have discovered the mystery of One, Two, Three … Ben Bruce!. I noticed at the bottom of the Youtube search results a playlist for Asking Alexandria which seemed funny, and something clicked1 (http://​www​.ben​bruce​.com/​s​c​r​a​p​s​/​-​o​n​e​-​t​w​o​-​t​h​r​e​e​-​b​e​n​-​b​r​uce-/).

I went to their Myspace page (the only official page I could find) and … there he was. My doppelgänger. So there you have it. I’m going to let AA open up the world for me, and then Korean tour, here I come.

– Ben

1 Me, on the link to their page: http://​www​.myspace​.com/​a​s​k​i​n​g​a​l​e​x​a​n​dria/.


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