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Jun 29th, 2009

What message are you here to give me?

I was alone. The fire was strong. I stared into the flames, contemplative, and saw a face. I peered at it, trying to make sense of it’s reality, but it just was what it was. I accepted that there was a face in the fire staring back at me.

I thought to myself (to the face), “OK, what message are you here to give me?”

A few moments passed as I stared intently. Then suddenly, the face’s eyes burst into flames. Two little balls of fire, staring at me. I peered again, trying to make sense of this — what kind of message is it trying to send me?

And then a gust of wind blew smoke directly in my eyes. In an instant my hands were to my face, muffled cries issuing from me as my eyes burned.

And then I realized: I am the face in the fire.


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