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Aug 29th, 2008

Reviewed on Jam​base​.com !

I‘ve been busy this summer. One of many reasons was the Summer Meltdown, which went swimmingly.

I played a short set on Friday night @ 7pm. I went down there with my guitar tuned at 6:45 and was told my set was being moved (which in my head meant, “up, you’re getting cut,” but which outwardly I reacted to like a pro).

I said, “Sure. Just let me know” and went to get a bottle of water. When I came out of the building, the Production Manager [PM] ran up to me with his hair frizzled and his eyes frazzled and he said, “Can you go on right now?”

Again, like I pro I calmly nodded. “Of course, I’m ready to play whenever.” So I got up on stage and plugged in.

The PM ran up to the side of the stage. “Sorry dude, you’re going on after the belly dancers.”

I said, “It’s cool. I’m ready to play whenever.”

Before I left the stage though the PM ran back over and said, “Ben! You’re on! You have time for two songs!”

I opened with a new song, “Torn Wings,” which you can listen to here. Then I played a Widespread Panic cover (“Blue Indian”), then “Jubilee” (listen).

Over the sound system I heard the sound guy, “Ben, do you have more songs? You’ve got time for two more.”

Of course I do!

So I played my slow song, which I had told myself I would only play if I had time (“Homesick”). Of course, as soon as I finished they said, “OK Ben, that’s it.”


Anyways, here’s a review I wrote of some of the other great music from that incredibly great weekend.


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