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Apr 13th, 2017

My plan was simply to record the new songs and release them. Things haven’t turned out that way.

There have been a few reasons why it hasn’t worked out so far:

  • It’s harder than I thought to actually carve out time to record in any great quantity
  • I mislead myself as to how much production I should do (I’ve recently changed my mind)
  • I mis-​characterized what my goal was — I really want to have all my new songs recorded by the end of the year, ready to release — but that doesn’t mean they have to be wildly produced pop songs.

Here’s how I’m planning on proceeding:

  • Go back to the old singer and songwriter philosophy, with a few added tricks like drumming on the guitar and adding a hook here and there.
  • Record vocals three times and take the best take.
  • Etc.


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