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Nov 22nd, 2010
Volume 8, Issue 12

Big news (for me)! My first ever performance at the Tractor Tavern — my favorite club in Seattle — is this Sunday! This is a really big one for me — I hope you can make it out!

The first annual Meltdown Encore starts at 7pm and I’ll have a 45-​minute set (including two new songs, some killer covers, and me, leaving it all on the stage) and then the mighty Levi Ware (runner-​up in the nationwide Slurpee Nation battle of the bands). The MDX Allstar Jam (members of Flowmotion and special guests) finishes out the night.

The night is a fundraiser for Terra Roots, a non-​profit near and dear to my heart. Terra Roots is a co-​organizer of the Summer Meltdown, as well as many other events throughout the year. You get some free schwag with your ticket, plus you are entered into a drawing for free merch, and Summer Meltdown tickets will be onsale for their lowest price of the year; plus the often-​talked-​about-​but-​never-​before-​seen Summer Meltdown slideshow!

To help out the benefit, I’m giving away as many CDs and stickers as I have in-​stock to anyone who comes on Sunday night.

I had a great time at the Owl N’ Thistle the other night (thanks to Dillon Warnek for signing up at the last minute!). I wrote an article about something that came up for me that night: My Song Endings Are Lame. In response, one of my friends said, “Just end it. Nothing dramatic. The last chord comes, you play it and then stop. Simple! Let go of the drama in endings.” Makes sense to me. So don’t expect anything dramatic at the Tractor on Sunday!

- Ben

Levi Ware: http://​levi​ware​.com/
Flowmotion: http://​www​.flow​mo​tion​.net
Terra Roots: http://​www​.ter​ra​roots​.org


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