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Apr 1st, 2010
Volume 8 /​Issue 5

Hey everybody,

There’s a lot going on in April! Austin Jenckes is confirmed for the Lone Microphone on April 20 (the rest of the lineup to come), there’s a huge Earth Day event on April 25 and I’m playing at a great venue on Saturday night in West Seattle (please come by and check it out!).

My sister-​in-​law and her fiancé were up here recently running a 50 mile race outside of Bellingham. Yup. I said 50 miles. It was both of their personal bests1.

I don’t run. I write. I write 50 songs at a time! I forget most of them. I don’t like that I forget them; sometimes years later I remember them and I love them and wonder how I could have lost them. But that’s just how I work, I guess. I thank you for listening to the one or two that make it through the gauntlet.

Please come and listen to them on Saturday night! It’s a really cool place that I want to impress so they’ll let me play again, so I’ve been working hard on my setlist and making sure it’ll be my best performance ever, which is good because we’re going to record it. Plus, we’re doing the first ever Ping Pong All Night Long tourney. That’s right, there’s a ping pong table upstairs. Bring it!

I hope you all are feeling fine and enjoying these beautiful days!

– Ben

Here’s more on the April events:

The Shipwreck Tavern, April 3 in West Seattle2

What a venue for intimate music! Great, great beers on tap, and they’ll offer you a taste of a beer you’ve never tried. Meanwhile, there’s a ping pong table upstairs, so I’m organizing the first-​ever Ping Pong All Night Long Tourney. This is going to be a great night.

The Lone Microphone, April 20 in Pioneer Square

The Lone Microphone is an event series that brings together audiences that appreciate intimate and emotional performances with high-​caliber solo performers. Three artists (check out Austin Jenckes) battle to the death, or the prize, whichever comes first. More on the Lone Microphone: http://​www​.ben​bruce​.com/​t​h​e​-​l​o​n​e​-​m​i​c​r​o​phone

Rebearth, April 25 on Capitol Hill

I’m not performing but I’m helping produce the event. Check out http://​www​.ter​ra​roots​.org on how to score free tickets, or where to buy some. Here’s the lineup so far:

Panda Conspiracy
Aaron Daniels
Big High
McTuff Trio
Artis the Spoonman & Friends
The Board of Education

1 They are both ultrarunners, which means they run races over 26 miles. Another thing to note is these aren’t street races, these are several-​thousand-​feet-​elevation and dirt-​paths-​through-​the-​woods-​and-​over-​boulders racing. Amazing.

2 Speaking of shipwrecks, did you catch this story? The U.S. Navy engaged with pirates, won (obviously) and captured their “pirate mothership.” http://​www​.msnbc​.msn​.com/​i​d​/​36131357​/​n​s​/​w​o​r​l​d​_​n​e​w​s​-​a​f​rica/

PS. My friend replied to my last Bruceletter and said he didn’t usually read them because of the font. (!) . It’s true. So I’ve changed the font to the default HTML font. Let me know in overwhelming numbers if you want me to change it back.


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