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Mar 9th, 2010

Volume 8 /​Issue 4

Hey everybody!

It’s the Lone Microphone tonight at Marcus’ Martini Heaven at 9pm. We’ve got three great performers on deck tonight: Colin “Wonderful World” Higgins, Dominique “Peace Love Respeto” Vijarro and Ian “Rock” Jones are going to show us what it takes to take home the crown. Come on down to Pioneer Square and check it out.

It’s been a crazy few weeks; so crazy that I wrote a song about Mercury in retrograde. I don’t know if Mercury actually was in retrograde, that’s just what I always say when everything is at odds1. But we’re through that now! Aren’t we?

I turned 33.

I played a set for my son’s after school program. I was nervous. I played my first song and then the first question from a kid right there in the front row was, “How come we couldn’t understand your words for the first one-​third of the song?” I said, “Well, it’s a new room, you know, and sometimes it takes a little while to figure out the levels.” It was kind of like I’d dreamed, and not in a good way. But then right after that it went great, and the kids and I had a great time.

We went down to Portland for some family time this past weekend and to see Flowmotion play a show at the Doug Fir. Count me as a Portland fan2! Check out Flowmotion’s new album: http://​flow​mo​tion​.band​camp​.com/.

I’ve been thinking about everything being at odds, and hey, you know what? You can’t have smooth sailing without rough seas, right? The calm before the storm and all that. So here’s hoping things in your life are odd — meaning great things are coming your way.

– Ben

1 Astrology says that things go awry when Mercury is in retrograde. I picked up that little bit of trivia somewhere along the line and now I say it when things are going awry. Another bit of trivia is that I pronounce the word “awry” “awe-​ree” in my head. I also pronounce “gallop” “Ga-​Lop” — as in lop the tree branch off.

2 Except, of course, for the concrete embankments they have next to the dark roads in the industrial water front — you know, the kind you can drive your car onto by accident and get high-​centered. If you want to hear the story, ask me.


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