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Dec 22nd, 2010
Volume 8 /​Issue 13

When you get this, I’ll be a new father (again). I’m excited, nervous and proud. I don’t know what I’m doing (again), but I have faith that I will be ready when I need to be ready, and that there’s going to be more love; the only way to be big enough for it all is to grow. We’ll be celebrating that this year during the holidays.

I know everyone celebrates differently, but there’s a good reason there are so many holidays clumped together right here at the end of December — it’s the turning point to full on winter and we should all get together and eat, drink and tell stories before hunkering down in our burrows.

This year in my music I worked on telling stories like the story for “Face in the Fire” or “Love at First Sight” (the “Mr. Bojangles” creation myth). I’ll be telling some at the end of January at two gigs in Seattle1.

I also worked on improving my guitar playing and my stage presence; my Web site and the infrastructure that runs it; the newsletter, the social media sites; the da da da da da da. There’s always something more to be done. That’s the way it is. Still, in the new year let’s try to aim our energy at those things that bring us joy. Simple. Right?

But for now, let’s just celebrate the year we’ve had with friends, family, food and drink. And hopefully a little music to light the way.

– Ben

1 January 24 at the Skylark Café and January 27 at the Owl N’ Thistle. http://​www​.ben​bruce​.com/​shows.


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