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blog > Gigantic Full Moon, Make Us a Little Crazy

Mar 7th, 2011
Volume 9, Issue 2

Hey everybody!

Wow! It’s been a while — things have been a little crazy over here1.

I’m still working on recordings with RL Heyer (Flowmotion) which is a huge honor. We are moving slowly but that’s just life. We have one song almost finished (“Tide Came In”) and five more songs begun in earnest, and most importantly, we have a plan.

I have my first gig “over the mountains” in Winthrop, WA at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery on April 8. We’re actually staying at the River’s Edge Resort right down the street (and right on the Chewuch River) — I’m very excited. I think you should come2!

I hope the spring air is here today. The equinox is this Sunday, and supposedly the biggest full moon ever is today (Saturday 319) so make sure you step outside tonight and take a look. We are really small creatures in a vast expanse — I don’t know what it means but a gigantic moon makes us all a little crazy!

Have a great one,

– Ben

1 New baby! But it hasn’t been as crazy as one might have thought beforehand — the second time around is easier than the first (at least so far).

2 None of the hotels in Winthrop are inexpensive, but April 8 is the end of the off-​season so you can get great deals on rooms — and Winthrop and environs is amazing!


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