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blog > Don't Dismiss This (or, A Definition of Stupidity)

Jan 3rd, 2006

This could be considered “old news,” but I’m publishing it here because … I barely even heard about this when it came out. How could we not hear about this document?

I’ve downloaded the full text of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment from the organization’s website, but a synopsis can be had by reading this Washington Post article.

Here’s an excerpt:

Many of the world’s ecosystems are in danger and might not support future generations unless radical measures are implemented to protect and revive them, according to the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted of how the world’‘s oceans, dry lands, forests and species interact and depend on one another.

The new report collates research from many specific locales to create the first global snapshot of ecosystems. More than 1,300 authors from 95 countries participated in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, whose results are being made public today by the United Nations and by several private and public organizations.”

Wow. That is very scary stuff — and looking at the list of Board Members and Authors, it becomes scarier still. This not a fringe group, these are respected and leading people in their fields [which include science and governance].

There are folks who refuse to even think about this possibility, but the blindness is maddening. Even if you aren’t totally sold by the idea, wouldn’t you want to investigate, to prove, that these people’s thoughtful — and collaborative — opinion is wrong? Anything else is so foolhardy as to … To dismiss something this big out of hand is a definition of stupidity.


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