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Jan 21st, 2011
Volume 9 /​Issue 1

The wheel turns. I’m not the same person who wrote you last — I’m now the father of a daughter, and much more tired1. But despite the intensity of the last weeks — or maybe because of it — I’ve been churning out new material, and that feels like a good start to the new year!

One of my recent songs I’ll be debuting this Sunday 123 is “Blessings Fall.” It’s a blues tune that started life as a Black Keys ripoff and turned into advice for my son. Actually it’s a little more complicated than that — it’s veiled advice. More like thoughts, or, one thought, even. I like to think of it as a message to a future him. Here’s a snippet of lyric:

Watch out for trouble, boy, it comes in many disguises
But blessings fall, like heat rises.


I hope I can do it justice, since I’m battling a sore throat (I’ve been trying to make home made throat lozenges, but today I gave up and stocked up on three different kinds of store bought medicine). My wife says, “It’ll be good.” She’s the brains of the organization, so it must be true.

Once I’m done, the one and only, the amazing and not lonely, just the facts on his axe, super star on his guitar, RL Heyer plays after me (we’ve also worked up a few of my songs to play together — you have to hear them with RL rocking and rolling! — he says to me after I flubbed something in rehearsal, “You don’t have to think about me. I’ll follow you — just make it decisive.” That’s so cool!).

After RL comes the mighty Eric Miller (actually, I don’t know Eric but I went and checked out his music and I like it! It’s different).

This is an all ages show so I’m really hoping folks with kids will come on down for a really fun outing (starts at 7pm).

I’m also playing next Thursday 127 with Sarah Schmidt, who blows doors down. The show is at the Owl N’ Thistle (no cover) and Sarah starts at 9pm. She’ll have her new EP in-​hand! Congrats, Sarah!

Speaking of recordings, I’m going to record my set — make sure and be there if you want to be immortalized on the “Live at the Owl N’ Thistle” release.

That’s all for now. Have a great one,

– Ben

1 Actually, she’s been really laid back and she likes to sleep deeply.


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