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Jul 7th, 2011

Volume 9, Issue 4

Summer is here. In Washington, summer truly begins July 5 — before then, even on the 4th, you never can tell. But starting July 5, the days are basically temperate and sunny. Perfect, for months (now I am knocking on wood).

So it’s a happy spirit that is hanging around. My producer (RL Heyer) went to his first Widespread Panic show in Seattle. Good! The final piece of the puzzle is in place!

Whereas my family went to Missouri for July 4th. My cousins’ home is a beautiful spread with no visible buildings on the horizon, sheep, chickens and guinea hens, horses, and as I found out after the fact, snakes, giant fish and snapping turtles in the pond.

There were also guns — we learned how to shoot (and hit!) clay “pigeons” —and a bow and arrows — which attracted me because of the physical and meditative combination — but mostly the weekend was about family.

We love eachother. But this side of the family rarely sees eachother, especially in such great numbers (this was a family reunion, minus a few families). It was wonderful to visit with all of my aunts and uncles (and to show off my family) and “meet” all my cousins now that they’ve grown up, but the greatest pleasure was watching my son (6) playing with all the other kids.

One thing we noticed is the striking resemblance between the kids — these are second cousins — and it just reminds you that blood runs deep.

Then in conversation my son said, “You know, everyone on Earth is my family.”

Awwwww. But he means technically, and he’s right! We are all related by blood.

During that same conversation, my wife suggested the old saying, “friends are the family you choose.” I’m blessed to have great family, and to have chosen great family, if you catch my drift.

I guess you can tell I’m in a happy mood. Here are some dates you can catch some of it:

The Bite of Seattle

This is a massive food festival in the Seattle Center (the biggest event by far that I’ve ever played), but with tons of great music on multiple stages. Admission is free. I am playing on Sunday afternoon in the Beer Garden (the “Roadhouse Stage” which is all the way North), and I’m pleased to be named the Featured Artist. This is going to be a fun, Sunday-​afternoon-​drinking-​beers set.

Sunday, July 17 @ 4:00pm
Roadhouse Stage
More info

Summer Meltdown

This is an amazing Northwest tradition (11th annual) and you should come check it out. It’s very family friendly (kids 8-​and-​under are free) and the camping (if you’re into that; day passes are also available) is cool and comfortable. I play on Sunday in the evening on the Village Stage, and this is going to be a more reflective, twilight set. Ask me about my special discounted day or weekend tickets!

August 14
Village Stage
More info

I’ve gone on and on at this point, so I’ll stop now. I hope the sun is warming your soul and you are feeling happy and rejuvenated. Let’s all rock and roll,

– Ben

PS. Have I mentioned my “video LP”? This is 11 tracks of live music that I’m very proud of — Live at the Tractor Tavern represents some of the best performance I’ve ever caught on tape.


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