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Apr 27th, 2008

It was pretty rough, I’ll admit.

[update: It’s worse than before. There were phone messages for me from the same night saying, “Lots of people came and some of your friends are here! Can you still come?” But I didn’t get them until later.]

It was pretty rough, I’ll admit. About 6pm, just before I was about to leave to go to Nana’s, I got a phone call from the staff saying they’d like to close early. No show! I’d already sent out invitations to everyone I know in town and there was no telling how many people were going to show up, but it didn’t seem like enough to argue the point with them — I like these people and wouldn’t want them to be grumpy with me because I convinced them to stay open. In any case, my wife reminded me, it’s not really my call.

The canceled gig wasn’t that huge a thing in the big picture — I don’t rely on it to make money, I don’t think an investing angel was going to be sitting in the audience that night, and all the rest of it. But it did fit right in with Big Questions that have been hanging over my head lately. Primarily, what am I doing?

Shouldn’t I be putting more effort parlaying these gigs at Nana’s into something more? If I’m serious about making music, and singing songs for people, I think I need to reconsider where I’m putting my energy these days.

Big Questions.


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