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Jan 16th, 2007

At the age of 33, I baptized myself.

I had at that moment a revelation, and will describe it here — but first, the events leading up to the sudden immersion in water and subsequent rebirth.

First, a sudden thought:

Of course no religion fits everyone. We are all individuals, so it makes sense that some molds don’t fit. It also makes sense that some people do fit right into the general molds that the major religions deliver. Also, that the distribution would fall in a bell curve — most people land somewhere in the center, and only to the fringes do you find those who just don’t fit.

Then, a corollary:

There is a reason so many people are removed from Faith, from the Divine, from Ritual and the Rhythm of the earth — it’s that there is no framework for those who don’t fit a framework.

Finally, the seed of an idea:

Someone needs to develop the framework for an individual spirituality. This is a matter of great significance. Without our connection to the Divine — and it is rapidly diminishing — we are losing our home and our hearts.

There the matter lay, while life went about it’s business. Wife, son, music, writing, work, play, and so on through the years. But it simmered, like the molten heat under the crust of the Earth, bubbling and occasionally sending shafts of pure fire out into the Light of the Sun.


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