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Dec 19th, 2005

The thrill of feeding your young son smooshed up banana is hard to describe. It’s as if the feat is your own accomplishment, and though as an adult you know that eating smooshed up banana is really not a very big item on your list of daily activities, as a parent it feels like one of the biggest steps in your young son’s life. Truly.

I was so proud of him, as I fed him smooshed banana — he is going to smoothly make the transition to solid food, as smoothly as I had smooshed that banana.

It’s also kind of gross, though. The banana does not all go in his mouth — much of it drops to the side and drips down his chin, getting all over his clothes, and sometimes his father just dripped some by accident.

And it’s kind of a strong scent.

Ah, the smells of fatherhood.


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